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Afternoon Keynote: Eliminate CO2 in Ethylene Production - Siluria and NetZero Ethane Cracking

Tuesday, 21 March

2:05 pm - 2:30 pm (CST) / 21/mar/2023 07:05 pm - 21/mar/2023 07:30 pm

Leon de Bruyn will focus on several of Lummus’ technologies that decarbonize ethylene production. He will highlight how Lummus’ Siluria technology, advancements in its ethane cracking technology and other technology solutions can eliminate CO2 in ethylene production, which will help meet the increasing demand for sustainable products and reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Siluria technology transforms methane—one of the most abundant, inexpensive and widely available hydrocarbons—into transportation fuels and commodity chemicals in an efficient, cost-effective, scalable manner using processes that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure.

Lummus also introduced the industry’s first net zero ethane cracker in 2022. This breakthrough technology is an ethane feed steam cracker capable of achieving zero CO2 emissions from an ethylene plant—decarbonizing a process in petrochemical manufacturing that is very carbon intensive. 

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