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Energy Security, Affordability and Energy Transition: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Wednesday, 22 March

9:25 am - 9:45 am (CST) / 22/mar/2023 02:25 pm - 22/mar/2023 02:45 pm

After a turbulent 2022, what lies ahead for energy markets? Russia’s invasion of Ukraine overturned the global energy markets and the focus shifted to affordable and secure energy. At the same time, climate change has increasingly become the great equalizer impacting people around the world irrespective of their economic or geopolitical status. The events of 2022 made it clear that there cannot be any energy transition without energy security. This session will reflect on events of 2022 and address the following questions:

  • How will the world navigate the ongoing conflicts and turbulence?
  • Will global emissions continue to increase?
  • Will oil and gas companies stay the course to transition to energy companies?
  • Will the North-South divide on energy transition continue to increase?
  • How will the Inflation Reduction Act transform US energy markets?
Session Speakers