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How will China petrochemical feedstock market rebalance amid rebounding demand and surging supply in the post-COVID era?

Friday, 24 March

11:15 am - 11:35 am (CST) / 24/mar/2023 04:15 pm - 24/mar/2023 04:35 pm

Now that the zero-COVID policy in China has ended and its borders re-opened, how quickly will China’s oil demand normalize and what does this mean to petrochemical feedstock availability and affordability in near term? As China goes forward on its energy transition journey and strive to fulfill its ambitious net-zero carbon emission targets, how will this impact the options for integrating refining and petrochemical operations, as well as petrochemical feedstocks balances in long-term? This presentation will look at China’s oil demand outlook, the evolution of its refining industry, and the various petrochemical feedstock supply routes.

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