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Sync and Share: Removing the email ‘black box' to advance chemical shipping

Tuesday, 21 March

2:45 pm - 3:05 pm (CST) / 21/mar/2023 07:45 pm - 21/mar/2023 08:05 pm

In artificial intelligence, the ‘black box’ is a term used to describe when developers and users typically know the inputs and outputs but it is hard to see what is going on inside.

In many ways, the way email platforms are designed - and how we approach them - operates by the same ‘black box’ mentality. With siloed inboxes, impenetrable data, and information stored elsewhere, daily work processes are slow, inefficient, and can be misguided. For chemical shipping, this risks delays, and potential issues with compliance, regulations and safety laws.

Visibility is key to maritime performance. Creating more powerful, shared, all-in-one systems, bringing in data from other platforms, can prise open this email ‘black box’ so that users and teams know exactly where information is, why and what they need to do.

This talk will explore how digital platforms can go above and beyond email to drive collaboration, mitigate risk, and improve shipping performance.

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