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Stefan Schlag

S&P Global

Executive Director, Inorganic Chemicals, Minerals, Mining Chemicals

Stefan Schlag Leon Beraud (Executive Director) has 20 years of chemical industry experience with emphasis on inorganic and electronic chemicals. Stefan heads the inorganic chemicals, minerals and mining team. He authored a broad range of reports for the Chemical Economics Handbook (CEH) and the Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP). In his area of expertise, he managed and conducted market assessments and special studies on market entry and project feasibility. Before joining IHS Markit (then SRI Consulting in Zurich, Switzerland) in 2001, Stefan worked for six years with Metalor SA in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Earlier, he was an R+D chemist with Chemet Corporation (Attleboro, MA). Stefan earned his master degree from the University of Freiburg (Germany). He received his doctoral degree from the University of Basle (Switzerland).

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