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Achieving Sustainability-driven Growth along China's Path of High-quality Development

Friday, 24 March

10:55 am - 11:15 am (CST) / 24/mar/2023 03:55 pm - 24/mar/2023 04:15 pm

The end of the zero-COVID policy and the reopening of the country’s borders have raised expectations for China's economic recovery in 2023. China's commitment to pursuing high-quality development, as set out in the 14th Five-Year Plan and an ongoing focus since then, includes upgrading its manufacturing industries and promoting green, low-carbon technologies as well as developing a circular economy. In addition, China remains firmly committed to achieving peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. As a leading materials science company, Dow is actively leveraging its expertise to address critical challenges faced by its customers and the country while identifying sustainable and profitable growth opportunities in China. This presentation will examine Dow's approach to supporting sustainable and profitable growth in China and will highlight the company's leadership in areas critical to the country's continued pursuit of high-quality development.

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