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Advanced Small-Scale Nuclear Reactors as a Clean Energy Solution for the Petrochemical Industry

Tuesday, 21 March

9:35 am - 10:00 am (CST) / 21/mar/2023 02:35 pm - 21/mar/2023 03:00 pm

As global efforts drive toward industrial decarbonization by 2050, advanced small-scale nuclear reactors, such as the Xe-100 design, offer a clean energy solution to reduce emissions within the petrochemical industry. The Xe-100 is a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor developed on decades of research, development and operating experience from around the world.

During this session, Marcy Sanderson, Vice President of Industrial Applications at X-energy, will provide an overview of the Xe-100 technology and its potential to deliver the reliable emissions-free power and high-temperature heat required for multiple industrial processes, including petrochemical. 

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