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Green Refining & Petrochemical and Circular Economy

Friday, 24 March

10:35 am - 10:55 am (CST) / 24/mar/2023 03:35 pm - 24/mar/2023 03:55 pm
The main challenges faced by the oil refining industry mainly come from the pressure of carbon emission reduction, the overcapacity of oil refining caused by market orientation, the change in product demand, the high oil price and the continuous improvement of quality. In the presentation, a series of solutions are put forward from the aspects of quality, environmental protection, structural adjustment of oil refining enterprises, energy saving, carbon reduction, cost reduction, etc. The solutions mainly include the technology of changing from the production of refined oil to the production of basic organic chemical raw materials, technology of further improving product value, technology for molecular oil (component) refining, technology of biomass conversion to biofuels, technology for waste recycling, the process optimization based on carbon footprint, and the construction of a low-carbon technology evaluation system. At last, combination of petroleum refining with CO2 chemical industry in the future is also discussed.
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