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Keynote - More with less: How demand and sustainability will shape the future of aromatic derivatives

Thursday, 23 March

8:20 am - 8:45 am (CST) / 23/mar/2023 01:20 pm - 23/mar/2023 01:45 pm

"Ascend operates the largest adipic acid production site in North America, making it a large consumer of phenol and cyclohexane. The predominant use of adipic acid is polyamide 66, followed by polyurethanes, food additives and pharmaceuticals – all high-growth uses. Our industry faces an imminent need for more sustainable, cost-competitive aromatic derivatives. Potential competitive threats from non-traditional, lower-carbon technologies are poised to disrupt the traditional route to adipic acid.

  • Ascend operates the largest adipic acid production facility in North America and utilizes phenol and cyclohexane
  • Our adipic goes into high-growth applications and we see demand increasing for the foreseeable future
    • Majority is PA66, which will see growth from EVs, electrification
    • Adipic is also used in food, medicine and polyurethanes
  • One of the more exciting new uses for adipic is PBAT, a biodegradable copolymer
  • Our industry must adapt and become more sustainable
  • Our customers have set aggressive targets and are looking to us to help meet those targets
  • We have committed to an 80% reduction in scope 1 emissions by 2030
  • When we look at the remaining addressable footprint, scope 3 emissions from raw materials are more than half
  • New, non-traditional routes to adipic acid are being developed.
  • We need to scale low-carbon aromatics and reach cost parity quickly to remain competitive
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