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Our training courses will return in person at WPC 2025 on Monday, Mach 17 and Friday, March 21

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Ends December 31, 2024
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Monday, March 17, 2025

8am – 5pm in person only

  • In this six-hour course, Dr. Plotkin's unique and engaging presentation style provides all attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals that drive industry profitability. Both non-technical and technical workers will find this course valuable and insightful, whether as a new industry participant or as a quick refresher.

  • Advances in sustainable chemistry are essential to the environmental and climate challenges we face. The course offers participants an overview of advances in sustainable chemical production and an understanding of how the markets are reacting to these developments.

  • NEW! Explore the underlying energy and feedstock values, variable and fixed costs, and other production cost models. Discover the impact of inherent margin analysis on supply/demand balances and operating rates with recent market developments.

Friday, March 21, 2025

8am – 5pm in person only

  • NEW! In the world of large volume commodity resins, such as the polyolefins, vinyls, and styrenics, winners and losers are often determined by access (or not) to cheap feedstocks such as in the Middle East and North America. Consequently, producers in other parts of the world are necessarily becoming more and more interested in second and third level derivatives as a means to add value This new course will explore a wide variety of some of these downstream products