• WPC 2024
  • March 18-22, 2024

In Person Training Courses

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Our training courses will return in person at WPC 2024 on Monday 18 March 2024 and Friday 22 March 2024



$1995 per training

Monday, March 18, 2024

8am – 5pm in person only

  • In this six-hour course, Dr. Plotkin's unique and engaging presentation style provides all attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals that drive industry profitability. Both non-technical and technical workers will find this course valuable and insightful, whether as a new industry participant or as a quick refresher.

  • NEW! Advances in sustainable chemistry are essential to the environmental and climate challenges we face. The course offers participants an overview of advances in sustainable chemical production and an understanding of how the markets are reacting to these developments.

  • NEW! With careful design and implementation, carbon markets can play a key role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Learn how, despite the challenges, carbon markets offer a significant opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.

Friday, March 22, 2024

8am – 5pm in person only

  • NEW! 

    Hydrogen markets are evolving in line with the global transition towards cleaner energy sources, and there is growing interest in hydrogen as a potential alternative to traditional fossil fuels. However, there are also challenges and uncertainties related to its role in the energy mix, and its potential to contribute to decarbonization efforts.

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