• WPC 2024
  • March 18-22, 2024

Brian Murphy

S&P Global Commodity Insights

Senior Analyst, Hydrogen and Low Carbon Fuels

Brian Murphy is a Senior Hydrogen Analyst at S&P Global Commodity Insights with a focus on market development in the Americas. Brian contributes to analytics and pricing products that aid clients’ understanding of the technologies, policies, and market dynamics shaping the role of low-carbon hydrogen (and derivatives) in the energy transition. Prior to joining S&P Global, Brian was a Principal Engineer at Strategic Analysis, Inc. studying emerging low-carbon technology costs for the US Department of Energy. Brian holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware. 

Sessions With Brian Murphy

Thursday, 21 March

  • 10:30am - 12:00pm (CST) / 21/mar/2024 03:30 pm - 21/mar/2024 05:00 pm

    Feedstocks & Refining Integration - Session 2

    Session 2: Decarbonization Pathways

    10:30 AM: Session IntroductionKurt Barrow, Head of Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream Research, S&P Global Commodity Insights

    10:35 AM: Decarbonizing the petrochemical sector: How can sugarcane help address its climate commitments? - Paula Kovarsky, Vice-President for M&A, Sustainability and Chief Strategy, Raízen.

    10:55 AM: Session to be announcedStephen Li, Consulting Director, Biofuels, S&P Global Commodity Insights

    11:10 AM: Taking stock of global EV adoption: What’s working and what are the obstacles? - Jeff Meyer, Director, Energy and Mobility, S&P Global Commodity Insights. 

    The global EV market is expanding, led by earlier adopters swayed by environmental considerations, the “cool factor” of the vehicles, and government incentives. Yet some incumbent automakers have signaled caution about broader consumer acceptance, and stakeholders are increasingly aware of the lingering challenges of affordability and ease of public charging. This session will address questions including

    In which markets is EV adoption leading and lagging – and why? What are the prospects for EVs in both advanced and developing markets? How acute will battery raw material supply challenges be, and how will companies navigate the geopolitics of battery supply chains?

    11:25 AM: Clean Hydrogen and Chemicals: How will technology and policy impact markets? - Brian Murphy, Senior Analyst, Hydrogen and Low Carbon Fuels, S&P Global Commodity Insights.

    Hydrogen is a key component of the chemicals ecosystem, operating as both a feedstock and byproduct revenue stream. Globally, interest in clean hydrogen is now translating into clear policy in the form of new regulations and subsidies that will have downstream effects on chemicals markets. In this session, we will discuss the role of hydrogen in the refinery and beyond, how new technologies and policies are driving clean hydrogen market development, and potential effects on global chemicals markets in the coming years.

    11:40 AM: Q&A

Friday, 22 March

  • 08:00am - 05:00pm (CST) / 22/mar/2024 01:00 pm - 22/mar/2024 10:00 pm

    Hydrogen Market Fundamentals

    Hydrogen markets are evolving in line with the global transition towards cleaner energy sources, and there is growing interest in hydrogen as a potential alternative to traditional fossil fuels. However, there are also challenges and uncertainties related to its role in the energy mix, and its potential to contribute to decarbonization efforts.

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