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Feifeng You


Vice President

Feifeng You is Vice President of Huafon Group, which is one of the global largest producers of polyurethane products and has 2021 revenue of more than $10 billion.

Huafon Group has over 50 subsidiary companies in multiple industries and offers a big variety of chemical products, including spandex, microfiber, aluminum, PU systems, TPU etc. Feifeng leads many of these subsidiary companies and is in charge of dozens of investment projects in Huafon, including the most recent acquisition of the former DuPont Biomaterials group and launched Covation Biomaterials based in Delaware, US, as a new subsidiary company of Huafon.

As a second generation of Huafon’s founders, Feifeng inherits the creative and pragmatic spirit of Huafon and keeps pushing Huafon to the next level to expand its global impact in technical innovation and sustainability. In addition to achievement in the enterprise, he actively fulfills social responsibilities and serves as the delegate to the 15th Party Congress of Zhejiang Province.

Feifeng got his bachelor degree in Information Management from Beihang University. He holds a master degree in Information Management from Northeastern University and another master degree in Finance from Bentley University.