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Jeff Gold

Nexus Circular

Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is the founder and chief technology officer of Nexus Circular based in Atlanta, Georgia where he brings over 40 years of environmental, operational, and execution leadership experience to the management team. Jeff founded Nexus in 2008 and developed the company from lab-scale inception to its current full commercial production.

Jeff’s professional career has been dedicated to addressing some the world’s most pressing problems, ranging from plastic pollution to the remediation of chemical weapons, and completing complex projects for both governmental and private entities on every continent except Antarctica.

Jeff has owned and operated a top-of-class global environmental remediation firm operating as well as a specialized manufacturing group producing a range of high-pressure chemical containment devices that serve a global customer base. He has also developed and patented a number of innovative chemical and mechanical systems over his career that enable safe handling of a broad range of chemicals and hazardous materials.

Jeff is a graduate of Cornell University and is an avid beekeeper, brewer, and musician.

Sessions With Jeff Gold

Tuesday, 21 March