• WPC 2024
  • March 18-22, 2024

Katherine Leydon

S&P Global Commodity Insights

Research Analyst, Hydrogen and Renewable Gas

Katherine Leydon is a senior research analyst with the Hydrogen and Renewable Gas team at S&P Global Commodity Insights. Her recent work has focused on hydrogen production cost modeling, hybrid wind and solar power for electrolyzers, renewable natural gas in the United States and fuel cell electric vehicles. Before joining S&P Global, she worked as an associate chemist at the Chemours Company in membrane development for hydrogen fuel cells, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Sessions With Katherine Leydon

Friday, 22 March

  • 08:00am - 05:00pm (CST) / 22/mar/2024 01:00 pm - 22/mar/2024 10:00 pm

    Hydrogen Market Fundamentals

    Hydrogen markets are evolving in line with the global transition towards cleaner energy sources, and there is growing interest in hydrogen as a potential alternative to traditional fossil fuels. However, there are also challenges and uncertainties related to its role in the energy mix, and its potential to contribute to decarbonization efforts.

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