• WPC 2024
  • March 18-22, 2024

Marco Mensink

Cefic – European Chemical Industry Council

Director General

With members adding over 550 billion Euro to the EU economy annually, Cefic is the largest industry sector representation of its kind in Brussels.

Together with the Cefic Board of 30 industry CEO’s, Mr Mensink shapes the strategy and direction of the European chemical industry, uniting 30 national federations and 650 members and affiliates from all over Europe. Cefic hosts over 70 different sector groups focusing on different chemistries. Virtually all large global and local chemical companies with production facilities in Europe are Cefic members.

Alternating in 2-year rotations with the American Chemistry Council CEO, Mr Mensink also held the role of Council Secretary of the International Council of Chemical Industries (ICCA) from 2020-2022, uniting 95% of global chemical production. For this he actively engages with the US, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian counterparts of Cefic and the CEOs of the global companies. 

Sessions With Marco Mensink

Wednesday, 20 March