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  • 18 - 22 March 2024
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Nelson Stratta

Inflection Finance


Experienced manager with over 25 years of activity in innovative finance, he co-founded Inflection Finance, a consulting and capital mobilization startup created to accelerate access to impact investment and innovative finance solutions in emerging countries. An impactful leader and a facilitator of high-level corporate finance policy strategy decisions, he has dealt with financial architecture designs of considerable size, importance, and complexity. He also led green finance commercial and structuring transactions. He is consulted as a senior advisor to governments and international finance institutions (WB, EU, IADB, UN) on innovative finance policies and blended financing instruments to promote SDG-based investments. As Inflection Finance invested in a slate of disruptive innovation startups in the cleantech sector, he sits on the board of several firms. His fieldwork activity covers over 55 countries in Africa, Central Asia, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He has been appointed as a keynote speaker at major international conferences representing the UN, the WB and the EU. He is fluent in 6 languages and studied for MsS and PhD levels in Innovation Management at Imperial College, London and the Fraunhofer Institut in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Sessions With Nelson Stratta

Tuesday, 21 March