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Rocky Vermani

NOVA Chemicals

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Innovation

Rocky Vermani is the Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Innovation, responsible for driving value creation and enhancing customer experience through all elements of the supply chain and technology development. In his current role, Vermani is focused on drawing on his global insights and relationships to help drive business performance and meet the emerging challenges in the industry through innovation.

Vermani joined NOVA Chemicals in 1994 as process engineer, and since then served the company in a number of roles throughout manufacturing, technology licensing, polymer sales and marketing, olefins products business and olefins feedstock & energy acquisition. His years of experience in the petrochemical industry has helped him become an expert in all key functions of the business.

Prior to joining NOVA Chemicals, Vermani was a Process Engineer at DuPont Canada.

Vermani earned a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. He currently serves on the board of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), Resource Diversification Council (RDC) for Alberta, and is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for Mount Royal University’s business school.

Sessions With Rocky Vermani

Wednesday, 22 March