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A new trading paradigm for paraxylene: China's integrated capacity and evolving product flows alter global pricing mechanisms

Thursday, 23 March

11:30 am - 11:45 am (CST) / 23/mar/2023 04:30 pm - 23/mar/2023 04:45 pm

The Asian paraxylene market has gone through tumultuous times as China's increasing refinery capacities collide with turmoil from the COVID-19 pandemic and Russian-Ukraine conflict.

Volatility, in turn has become a hallmark of paraxylene, as market participants grapple with uncertain price directions.

A rise in gasoline blending demand from markets like the US has created additional ripples in the value chain, with supply diverted to gasoline markets with higher economics.

As the market looks to re-balance from supply overhang post systematic increases in refinery capacities and downstream production cuts, timely and market driven benchmark developments in price assessments became increasingly important for market participants looking to navigate the transition in the industry.

Taking a deeper look into the evolution of this important market, this session will seek to explore global impacts and provide insights on the paraxylene market as China re-opens from the pandemic.

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