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Decarbonizing Plants with Hydrogen ready Gas Turbines

Thursday, 23 March

10:15 am - 10:30 am (CST) / 23/mar/2023 03:15 pm - 23/mar/2023 03:30 pm

There’s an enormous amount of investment going into developing and refining the technological solutions the world needs to meet the CO2 emissions-reduction targets of the Paris Agreement in order to limit global warming. The deployment of hydrogen technologies has the potential to transform power generation, abate industrial emissions, and even play a potential role as a consumer fuel.

Baker Hughes is engaged in many low carbon projects where we put existing technology to help the industry to reduce their emissions. Indeed, in addition to the well-known compression technologies, which envisage 60 years from the development of our first hydrogen reciprocating compressor, a wide range of gas turbines has been launched to abate industrial emissions acting as best in class for a cleaner, safer and more efficient energy space.

Our large Gas Turbine fleet is running for 30 years with hydrogen blended fuel gas and now more than ever is matching perfectly customer, market and country regulations needs.

Frame 5 (up to 32 MW) is recognized for its robust architecture and will be capable to manage all the possible blends of H2/Natural gas keeping reasonable NOx level while minimizing potential impacts on maintenance intervals.

NovaLT™ (up to 17 MW) is able to start up and burn hydrogen blend up to 100% and it can also switch from natural gas to blends or hydrogen on the fly.

Both technologies are fully suitable for new and dated plants and best candidates to be the perfect partner for clean future-ready environments while maintaining existing footprint.

The leading role that hydrogen is playing, and will play in the upcoming years, in the global energy puzzle is evident and we are ready to foster its potentiality leveraging our decades of experience, innovative mindset and technology expertise.

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