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Sustainability Considerations in Process Technology Development

Thursday, 23 March

12:20 pm - 12:35 pm (CST) / 23/mar/2023 05:20 pm - 23/mar/2023 05:35 pm
Corporate values and tenets of operation impact the culture of an organization as it meets its objectives for the Triple Bottom Line (TBL): People, Planet, Profits. For the chemical industry, process technology and design have a significant role in helping to meet the Sustainability goals that are woven through the TBL. Waste, emissions and process safety are key concerns to employees and the communities that reside in close proximity to chemical production facilities. Process designs will dictate the energy efficiency, process yields and selectivity that determine emissions and govern the financial bottom line. Corporate Leadership can foster a Sustainability culture by expecting, encouraging, and supporting process design considerations that have positive impacts on Sustainability. Examples of Sustainability considerations in design include continuous processing to reduce waste and inherent safety practices to improve process safety. This presentation will discuss how AVN Corporation incorporates Sustainability considerations in the development of process technology for all customers, with an example, as well as a discussion of how AVN’s own operations are impacted by a TBL mindset.
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