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The Energy of Future: Energy-automation-software triad to achieve sustainability in the Ammonia industry

Thursday, 23 March

2:05 pm - 2:25 pm (CST) / 23/mar/2023 07:05 pm - 23/mar/2023 07:25 pm
The ammonia produced in the future will be used as the decarbonization tool to reduce our CO2 emissions or our dependency to fossil fuels, and its demand is driven by companies’ sustainability goals. Today, our CO2 emissions are growing, and the global economy is vulnerable to unstable supply chains and resource extraction. To combat all these issues, green/ blue energy, circular economy, and operations resilience will be key components to a sustainable energy/ chemical industry. Ammonia is a key player to create green/blue energy. With ammonia demand on the rise, Schneider is leading the sustainability journey with a new paradigm of energy efficiency, process electrification, exciting innovations in automation and adoption of digital technology as an enabler.
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