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The integrated recycling solution for plastic waste

Tuesday, 22 March

2:15 pm - 2:35 pm (CST) / 22/mar/2022 07:15 pm - 22/mar/2022 07:35 pm
As Chemical Recycling further scales in the coming years, technology versatility and access to feedstock will be essential. The reality is that plastic waste is not homogenous, nor suitable for all chemical recycling conversion technologies. As we look to the future, the capabilities to turn plastic waste into custom feed for chemical recycling will be critical, and having a flexible conversion technology will provide an added advantage. Agilyx presents a differentiated position in the marketplace, providing an integrated solution for plastic waste via its “waste to feedstock” business, Cyclyx, and flexible conversion technology of Agilyx. During this presentation, we will look at how the Agilyx integrated approach can answer the need to divert difficult to recycle plastics waste and convert them to their best use. 
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