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  • 18 - 22 March 2024
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Genius Exchange

A showcase for today’s business solutions

The Genius Exchange is a showcase for today’s business solutions at the World Petrochemical Conference. Connect with leaders & innovators in the chemical industry to see first-hand today’s solutions that can launch your business into future growth and success. Solutions will span the entire chemical supply chain and their connected markets. See video below for more detail about the connected markets and what we refer to as The WPC Ecosystem

Genius Exchange slots are limited.  Apply today! 


The World Petrochemical Conference is a critical gathering for global chemical industry executives, senior leaders from across the supply chain and other organizations plus S&P Global experts to discuss the path of energy transition to a lower carbon footprint amid the current and forecast industry cycle. 

To take full advantage of this unparalleled lineup of industry leaders make sure to attend the numerous networking opportunities organized throughout the event. This year, the Genius Exchange will encompass 2 full floors of exciting networking activity. Visit our Genius Exchange kiosks, theaters, Strategic Dialogues, and themed hubs to learn more about how our partners deliver solutions today and are working towards our improved collective future. 

At WPC you will be able to connect, discuss and collaborate face-to-face with your industry peers. Networking and learning moments are an integral part of the Genius Exchange sessions because it increases industry interconnections that shape The WPC Ecosystem

In 2024, existing networking capability has been enhanced through WPC’s integrated virtual platform allowing you to connect more flexibly over a longer window of time with other attendees as well as with the 200+ speakers. 

Industrial and Innovation Corridor 

Kick the tires on working technology at the WPC Equipment Showcase! The WPC Equipment Showcase is an opportunity to show and tell your real-world technology straight from your operations facility, lab or plant to the WPC conference floor. 

Some benefits of participating include: 

  • Opportunity demo equipment at WPC 
  • Opportunity to schedule and run tours 
  • Ability to provide branding collateral to designate space
Partnership & Genius Exchange Contacts

Networking and Educational Boat Tour Excursion

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