• WPC 2024
  • March 18-22, 2024


A unique opportunity to tell your story on the world’s stage

WPC Sponsorship 

High-impact networking is one of the core reasons for WPC sponsorship program participation and conference attendance. Through WPC sponsorship, leverage the unique opportunity to tell your story on a global scale to the chemicals industry’s most senior ranking decision makers. 

Take advantage of the sponsorship program’s networking opportunities: 

  • Generate quality leads 
  • Develop a bespoke Strategic Dialogue or Fireside Chat 
  • Deliver an announcement to senior most chemical industry stakeholders, suppliers, manufacturers, traders, logisticians, NGOs, and regulators
  • Amplify the rollout of a new business line, brand, or logo 
  • Increase the visibility of new technology or initiatives 
  • Connect with the global media community of 150+ influential trade press and publishers represented at WPC
Sponsorship Contacts

Sponsor Testimonials

It was such a pleasure to participate in the panel discussion and to sponsor such an important topic. Your team offered excellent support, and I send my heartfelt thank you.”

- Tejuana Edmond – Vice President, Plastics additives- BASF

Heather Cykoski

Group Vice President, ABB

Matthew Haley

Vice President, Business Development, Xpan Interactive Ltd.

Our experience working with you over the last 24 months has been tremendous and we really appreciate the kind attention to detail you and your team have demonstrated. Your personal touch, understanding of our priorities, and expertise in terms of event planning and execution have made the partnership and collaboration process extremely easy, smooth, and beneficial. "

- Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

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