James McMahon

S&P Global Sustainable 1

CEO, The Climate Service, an S&P Global company

James McMahon founded The Climate Service with the vision that every financial decision on Earth should incorporate climate change. The company’s risk analytics software as a service gives investors and corporate managers the financial information they need to incorporate climate-related risk into their decisions.

McMahon began his career in global change by studying physics at Harvard University, and atmospheric chemistry at MIT under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Mario Molina.

McMahon went on to accumulate 10 years experience inside a multinational corporation, including managing Coca-Cola’s consumer marketing technology group. He then led three small technology firms as COO and CEO. He served for 6 years as Senior Advisor to the Director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. He was CEO of The Collider – a groundbreaking nonprofit innovation center for climate solutions. 

Sessions With James McMahon

Tuesday, 21 March